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DOMINANT launches new seddLED products to provide solutions for advanced automotive applications

01.01.2020 21:37

In recent years, adjustable color applications and dynamic ambient lighting have become major market trends. However, design engineers always face the challenge of changing the color mixing output of RGB LEDs. This is caused by changes in intensity and wavelength within the color and brightness groups, as well as forward current and temperature dependence. Everyone is keen to find a better solution.
DOMINANT has launched a new package series called seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) since 2016. According to DOMINANT, this is the first digital LED in the world to integrate RGB LEDs, LED drivers and advanced ISELED® communication protocols into a single package. This is a revolutionary way to illuminate automotive atmospheres. Calibrate and blend to the target color.
This year, DOMINANT upgraded again, bringing a new member to the seddLED3.0 family: A3A-FKG-RGB-1.
This product is pre-calibrated red, green and blue to 400mcd, 1600mcd and 250mcd respectively. The highlight is that the wavelength range of green and blue light is pre-calibrated to only one nanometer!
According to DOMINANT, most ordinary RGB LEDs are binned by the color and intensity of each chip in the package. Generally, it will have 3-6 bins depending on the LED manufacturer. Although binning significantly reduces the possible color distribution, it cannot completely eliminate inconsistencies in color mixing.
The advantage of A3A-FKG-RGB-1 is that it can fine-tune color and intensity changes by controlling the LED peak current (PWM), wavelength calibration, and temperature compensation.
Comparison of color gamut between ordinary RGB LED and A3A-FKG-RGB-1. Normal RGB LEDs have multiple color groups, each group consisting of a 4 nm wavelength range. The normal RGB color gamut varies with each color grouping, which will affect the accuracy of mixed colors. A3A-FKG-RGB-1 has pre-calibrated green and blue light, and it can be seen that it has a more excellent and stable color gamut.
In addition, the seddLED3.0 product series has a built-in temperature sensor that can compensate the brightness of the red light chip. Figure 2 shows the intensity and temperature characteristics of three chips in a common RGB LED. The luminous intensity of the red light chip decreases as the operating temperature of the LED increases. For blue and green chips, the reduction in luminous intensity is less pronounced. seddLED3.0 can maintain the light intensity of the red chip through the automatic temperature compensation function.
Relative luminous intensity IV / IV (25 ° C) = f (TJ); IF = 20 mA
Relative luminous intensity IV / IV (25 ° C) = f (TJ)
Both A3A-FKG-1400-1 and A3A-FKG-RGB-1 help reduce costs, simplify control systems, and significantly expand the capabilities of RGB lighting in automobiles. Table 1 shows the optical specifications of the two LEDs.
A3A-FKG-RGB-1 is crafted for applications where a single R.G.B color requires high brightness. Each R.G.B LED is calibrated to maximum brightness, which results in better dimming resolution.
On the other hand, A3A-FKG-1400-1 is an excellent choice for applications requiring precise color white light, such as D65 white light.
It is reported that prototype samples of A3A-FKG-RGB-1 have been available since October 2019.
DOMINANT said that the next five years will continue to promote the development of digital RGB LEDs in this field, and the seddLED technology roadmap is expected to focus on miniaturization, integration and digitization.
DOMINANT Opto Technologies is one of the leading light-emitting diodes (LEDs) manufacturers in the world offering high-performance and innovative solutions for world-renowned car makers.
Established in 2000, DOMINANT has expanded globally, with 6 regional offices in close proximity to key design centers located in Europe, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and India to provide professional sales and technical support.
Their comprehensive product portfolio ranges from low to high-intensity LEDs with a wide range of color spectrum for interior applications e.g. instrument cluster, infotainment system, climate control, switches and ambient lighting as well as exterior applications e.g. headlamp, tail lamp, rear combination lamp, central high mounted stop lamp and license plate lamp.
All of their products are qualified in accordance with the automotive qualification of AEC-Q102.
With extensive experience and expertise in research and technological development combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, DOMINANT is relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation without compromising on quality and reliability and has become a trusted and reliable partner for its customers.