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What are the representative products in the global Micro LED field in 2019?

05.01.2020 21:48

Micro LED is regarded as a new generation of display technology, and major leading manufacturers around the world are actively developing and deploying Micro LED. Although Micro LED technology faces many challenges, compared with two years ago, the current technological progress has improved a lot. Early patented technology has the appearance of physical sample display machines. The future commercialization of Micro LED will follow the Micro LED technology Mature and progress.
1. Samsung 75-inch Module Micro LED Display
On January 7, Samsung Electronics introduced the latest module Micro LED display at the annual First Look CES event in Las Vegas, USA. Its latest 75-inch Micro LED display uses LED chips that are only 1/15 the size of the 2018 version of "The Wall". Samsung ’s display this year uses chips produced by Taiwan ’s PlayNitride and uses its own massive transfer technology to transfer the chips to a glass backplane to achieve a true Micro LED display.
2. Sony Crystal LED 16K display system
At NAB 2019, the American radio and television industry exhibition in April this year, Sony released a professional-grade Crystal LED 16K display system, with a width and height of 19.3 meters and 5.4 meters (about 800 inches), respectively. Bezel-less The module is constructed without joints and has a resolution of up to 16Kx4K, which can provide a complete and integrated visual experience. It is reported that Crystal LED is based on Micro LED technology and works like OLED.
3. Plessey 2.5 micron Micro LED display
On September 19, Plessey announced the development of a record-breaking 2.5 μm ultra-high-resolution Micro LED display for wearable AR / VR devices. This time, its proprietary monolithic integrated silicon-based gallium nitride technology was used to achieve an ultra-fine, ultra-high-resolution (2000 × 2000) display screen at a 2.5 μm pitch, with advantages such as high brightness and high contrast. And comfortable viewing in outdoor environments. Compared to traditional LCOS or DLP displays, this Micro LED display consumes only 20% of energy.
4. TCL's first IGZO backplane Micro LED display
TCL exhibited a full-color Micro LED display. The 3.5-inch specification with an active driving solution of IGZO glass backplane showed a transparent display. Huaxing Optoelectronics mentioned that due to the future expansion of the panel size, the cost competitiveness of IGZO backplane will be better than LTPS. This is also the reason why TCL selected IGZO backplane to try it out. Material characteristics lead to low efficiency, so how to balance brightness and uniformity in future full-color RGB displays will be the biggest challenge.
5. Ledman 324-inch 8K Micro LED display
On July 12, Ledman held a 324-inch 8K Micro LED high-definition display conference at Beijing Beichen Wuzhou Crown International Hotel.
It is reported that the giant screen Micro LED high-definition display this time is made by Ledman's independent patented COB integrated packaging technology display module seamlessly spliced. The modular splicing method makes it possible to infinitely expand the screen while maintaining a consistently high level of picture quality. In addition, the screen body is slim and has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption, and wide color gamut.
6. Industry's smallest Pitch 0.49mm Mini / Micro LED display module
Refond brings Mini / Micro LED products to Touch Taiwan 2019 for the first time, showing the company ’s latest product, the P 0.68 mm 118-inch full-color 4K display, and P 0.49 mm, realizing 85-inch full-color 4K, 170-inch Full color 8K, display function reaches 6000: 1 full color and NTSC: 140.
7. Konka 8K Micro LED TV
On November 31, Konka Group held a new product launch conference, and the benchmark Samsung introduced 118-inch 4K, 117-inch 6K, and even 236-inch 8K Micro LED displays. Konka ’s Micro LED TV is called Smart Wall, and it uses more than 100 million Micro LED chips to achieve ultra-high brightness of over 2000 nits, ultra-high contrast of 10 million: 1, and a wide color gamut of 147%. The dot pitch between LEDs, compared to Samsung's P0.83 mm, Konka's products can be scaled down to P0.68 mm.
Smart Wall is also like Samsung ’s The Wall. It can be assembled through modules to create customized sizes and shapes. It can also use the partial display function to switch between partial and panoramic views. Konka also emphasized that this series of Micro LED TVs can also support 5G communication.
Source: LEDinside