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Inventory of Micro LED technologies in 2019

07.01.2020 21:51

Due to its excellent characteristics, Micro LED is superior to LCD and OLED in terms of high brightness, high contrast, high reactivity and power saving. It will be applicable to wearable watches, mobile phones, automotive displays, AR, VR , Monitor, TV and large display applications.
1. Vertically integrated GaN LEDs help develop Micro LED displays
Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States have newly designed a vertically integrated gallium nitride LED structure to help improve the efficiency of Micro LED displays.
Rochester Institute of Technology's Matthew Hartensveld and Jing Zhang have published a study in the IEEE Electron Device Letter journal describing their use of nanowire gallium nitride field-effect transistors (FETs) and nitrogen Indium Gallium LED Integrated Method. In this innovative new structure, the transistor is placed under the LED for control and dimming.
2. Taiwan Jiaotong University cooperates with SIJ to launch a full-color tunable full-color Micro LED display
Professor Haozhong  Guo 's research team from the Department of Optoelectronic Engineering of Taiwan Jiaotong University collaborated with Dr. Tingzhu Wu of the Department of Electronic Science and Technology of Xiamen University, Dr. Flex-Photonics Qingwei  Tong, and SIJ Technology Inc., using nano-structured stress modulation technology and high-precision quantum on a single chip. Spot spraying technology, and jointly developed a single-chip integrated RGB Micro-LED element. The research results show the Micro-LED concept that can achieve full-color display without huge transfer technology. The research results have also been published in the internationally renowned journal " Scientific Reports and Photonics Research.
3. Using ALD passivation can improve Micro LED performance
According to foreign media reports, Picosun Group, a leading supplier of industrial atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology, said recently that it has improved the performance of its Micro LED by using a technology called ALD passivation.
Picosun believes that Micro LED is a challenge for existing display technologies including liquid crystal displays, OLEDs and traditional LEDs. Because Micro LED provides performance including small size, low power consumption, excellent brightness and energy efficiency, higher contrast and color saturation, super high resolution, flexibility and good reliability.
4. French Leti Develops New CMOS-based Micro LED Display Production Process
According to reports, French research institute Leti of CEA Tech has developed a new process for producing high-performance GaN Micro LED displays. This new process is simpler and more efficient than existing methods. The first step in the new process is to transfer Micro LED chips directly to CMOS wafers. The second step is to transfer each complete pixel composed of the CMOS driving circuit and the Micro LED chip to the display substrate.
5. US startup launches world's smallest and most dense Micro LED display
According to reports, American startup Mojo Vision has launched a Micro LED display with 14000 PPI and claims to be the smallest and densest dynamic display in the world.
Sources pointed out that the display size is only 0.48mm, which is equivalent to the size of a grain of sand, but its pixel density is 300 times higher than the current smart phone display. This prototype technology uses Micro LED and is expected to be used in wearable devices such as AR / VR and head-up displays. Mojo Vision said that the new monochrome display technology has a pixel density of more than 14,000 and is the smallest and densest dynamic display.
6. Breakthrough in 3μm Mass Transfer
Mikro Mesa Technology has successfully developed the world ’s largest non-compression low-temperature bonding 3μm Micro LED mass transfer technology, which has pushed Micro LED display technology to mass production.
Mikro Mesa's technology uses a 3μm diameter μLED chip, which is the industry's leading ultra-small size, allowing the utilization of Lei's wafers to reach an extremely high level. The transfer size is close to 4 inches, which can accommodate up to millions of μLED transfers at a time, and multiple multicolor μLED transfers can be performed. The large-sized transfer area can greatly reduce the number of transfers and increase the mass productivity of large-size full-color displays.
7. Han KAIST develops new light-emitting materials to help reduce the cost of Micro LED
According to reports, a research team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a new light-emitting material that combines quantum dots and popcorn-shaped airbags. Polymer medium, its luminous intensity is 21 times higher than traditional pure quantum dot film, and its durability is increased by 45%.
Source: LEDinside