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Do you know about these popular LED screen products in 2019?

11.01.2020 20:40

In 2019, for the led screen industry, there are many wonderful new products emerging. Mini LED, COB, rental screens, transparent screens ... These products are not only the advancement of industrial technology and productivity, but also represent the next terminal market products. Development trends, what are the popular LED screen products worth praising in 2019? Take a look with led screen expo:
1.Ledman COB 0.9mm micro-pitch LED HD screen
At ISLE in early 2019, Ledman released a new COB micro-pitch product with a pitch of P0.9. At the exhibition, Ledman COB 0.9mm micro-pitch LED HD display directly faced the audience without fear of the audience Touch, pat, scrape, hit, knock, fully demonstrated its high reliability characteristics.
Advantages: Ledman P0.9 COB products, based on the previous COB products, have carried out a number of technical optimizations based on customer requirements. Aiming at the power consumption problems raised by customers, P0.9 COB products have introduced a common negative design, which directly reduces power consumption by 30% compared with Gongyang's products. At the same time, in order to improve the viewing effect of customers, the product has been optimized in lens design and surface treatment technology, and uses a flat lens design to improve the color consistency of white balance.
2.Ledman 8K Micro LED ultra high definition screen
In mid-2019, Ledman officially released a 324-inch 8K Ultra HD Micro LED display.
Advantages: This super-sized Micro LED high-definition display screen is equipped with Ledman's independent core patented COB integrated packaging technology, which is seamlessly spliced by Micro LED display modules. The modular seamless stitching method greatly improves the flexibility of the screen size. At the same time, for 16: 9 standard size materials, 21: 9 wide screen materials, and 10: 1 unconventional proportion materials, the modular stitching display module Can maintain a consistent display level, smooth and excellent picture quality.
3.LEYARD World's First 0.6mm Dot Pitch LED Self-Illumination Screen
In July, LEYARD launched the world's first 0.6mm dot pitch LED self-emitting screen independently developed by the company and announced that it has reached mass production.
Advantages: The small-pitch display has the characteristics of high definition, high contrast, wide color gamut, low energy consumption, and high protection. Through such cutting-edge new technologies, LED screens can use the chip more efficiently and stably, presenting higher resolution and sharper image quality.
4.LEYARD Micro LED Smart TV, Conference All-in-One
At the end of 2019, LEYARD officially released new smart screen and TV products in the field of consumer products, as well as LCD commercial display and conference all-in-one products. This is the first time that LEYARD display products have appeared in the field of consumer goods, and it also marks that LEYARD has officially entered the household consumer market.
In May 2019, relying on the LED small-pitch patented technology independently developed, LEYARD created a "cloud + network + terminal" video interactive conference ecosystem, allowing mobile phones, computers, conference tablets and other platforms to communicate. At the end of the year, the LEYARD business display was upgraded again, and launched the "AI + conference tablet solution", combined with the "Little Deton" audio and video cloud platform to create a full-scene conference solution.
Advantages: LEYARD Micro LED 135-inch TV consists of 25 modules of 284 * 216 pixels. The assembly method solves the problem that the large screen is not easy to transport, and it is impossible to enter the home, thus breaking the size of home display products. Limitations, redefining family space.
5.Abson Mini LED AX1.5
In 2019, Absen launched the world's first 1.5mm pitch stage display product-AX1.5. The product has received a large number of orders within three months after the exhibition. It has been leased in auto shows and TV live broadcasts in many countries and regions around the world. Its outstanding performance such as display effects and flatness has been welcomed and praised by many well-known international customers. Endless.
Advantages: In addition to using IMD technology, Absen ‘s Mini LED products also use common cathode technology, which increases the brightness by 20% and reduces heat generation by 20%, prolongs the life of the product, and the product can show better contrast and make black black. Be more pure.
6.Abson Mini LED CR0.9
In 2019, Absen launched a new Mini LED product, CR0.9, with four-in-one IMD integrated packaging technology.
Advantages: CR0.9 is innovative while inheriting the advantages of SMD technology. It solves the problems of poor consistency of ink color, light leakage, difficult maintenance, splicing seams, easy bumps, etc. that occur when the conventional SMD is down to 1mm pitch. The development of micro-pitch has brought important guidance.
7.Unilumin Mini LED Amber0.9 and Sapphire1.5 series
In September 2019, Unilumin developed ultra-small-pitch indoor high-end fixed Mini LED products based on common cathode drive technology and IMD four-in-one packaging technology, including Amber0.9 series and Sapphire1.5 series. Application areas.
Advantages: Compared with the traditional LED screen, the temperature of these two products is greatly reduced, and the working energy consumption is also reduced by 15% -20%. Not only can the colors of the entire screen be more realistically restored, and the display effect can be improved. The welding strength can greatly reduce the problem of pixel damage, which can be better applied to many fields such as command and control center, conference room, medical image, stage performance and radio station.
Source: LED Display Channel