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Technological innovation, creating more applications for intelligent LED screens

13.01.2020 20:43

According to led screen expo, LEYARD, the "leader" of the LED screen industry, stated in investor relations activities that in 2019 the company will vigorously develop smart screens and optimize night travel economic business. As of the third quarter, the adjustments have achieved results. The current growth of smart screens is in line with expectations, with a growth rate of nearly 30% during the reporting period.
Today, intelligent development has become a national strategy, and the intelligentization of LED screens is also in full swing. Judging from the current intelligent level of industry products, it has entered a new stage of "smart interconnection". Along with the boom of the smart and interactive LED screen market, a wave of smart LED screen products has been triggered.
On November 4, the LEYARD Group's "Large Vision · Creating the Future" 2019 LEYARD Autumn New Product Launch Conference, PLANAR's PLANAR brought "THE Great Space" Micro LED 135-inch and 120-inch 8K Ultra HD Resolution Smart TV , Injecting a new hardcore feel into smart life.
Kodak Video released a series of all-scenario intelligent video conferencing products in Beijing on October 16th, using the power of intelligence to open up new kinetic energy for video.
Everlight Electronics Show launches Mini LED smart car products.
From these "new products", we can see that new technologies such as current Micro LED / Mini LED bring more possibilities to LED screen intelligent applications. Especially with the advent of the 5G era, the information industry has further exploded, and smart LED screens have more possibilities. As the industry said, "With the advent of the Internet of Everything, display will become an important engine to promote the development of digital life. LED screen technology innovation will bring more morphological changes to information display and promote the innovation of smart terminals.
In 2019, the transparent LED display screen YIPLED developed by YIPLED successfully won the "Oscar Award". This transparent screen can still be clearly visible under strong light. It has a self-luminous brightness of 5000cd / ㎡, allowing it to reveal the most natural light in any high-light environment, and the screen content is clear and clear. At the same time, LED transparent jade screen is suitable for a variety of scenarios, which can effectively help advertising and marketing.
At present, the global new display industry is entering a critical period, and China's position in the new screen industry pattern is becoming increasingly prominent. Micro LED / Mini LED, flexible AMOLED and other screen technologies are becoming mainstream technologies. And with the maturity of these new display technologies, more options are provided for the application of LED screen terminals.
At the same time, we must note that the application area of smart LED screens is becoming wider and wider, and the potential safety hazards are becoming larger and larger. LED screen safety and stability issues have also become a headache for manufacturers. In addition, the smart LED screen mainly not only simplifies operation and use, or comprehensive functions, but also includes more economical, energy-saving power consumption, better picture quality and other aspects of technical performance advantages.
At present, more and more LED screen companies have begun to face the quality problem of patent innovation and set about improving. In particular, leading LED screen companies that already have a certain patent strength have become representatives of high-quality patent innovation.
For LED screen manufacturers, to solve these problems in 2020, manufacturers need to promote innovation, achieve commercialization goals, play the role of mid-end manufacturers in the industrial chain, and open a new era of win-win LED innovation. Especially with the acceleration of the industrial transformation and upgrading process, in terms of products, the current high-end product market share continues to rise, and LED screen products with high added value will become more competitive; in terms of customers, they can meet or even highly meet customer product performance and Reliability standards, manufacturers with stable supply capacity and quality management will become the leader; in terms of price, with the quantitative development of new technologies such as Micro / Mini LED and COB, it can promote cost optimization on a large scale, and the cost advantage will be Become the "killer" of many screen companies' market competition ... Stick to the smart screen, LED screen is smart in the future!
Source: LED Display Channel