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AI Interactive LED Lighting System: Everything Has Just Begun

15.01.2020 20:51

What is artificial intelligence? Let led lighting expo look at the written explanation first: Artificial Intelligence, English abbreviation is AI. It is a new technological science that researches and develops theories, methods, technologies, and application systems for simulating, extending, and expanding human intelligence.
AI is the hottest science and technology and the hottest business today. Humans have created AI, and we are also being changed by AI. Of course, if any kind of technology cannot create value and serve humanity, it is a hooligan!
The secret behind the 45th IES Gold Medal-the core technology and application significance of the YD Somatosensory Interactive Control System . So, a year has passed. As a manufacturing company in the LED lighting industry known for its technological foundation and innovation, what kind of surprise will YD Lighting bring to us this year? Their answer is-YongDian AI interactive LED lighting system.
So, what kind of spark will AI + lighting collide with?
What is AI Interactive LED Lighting System?
Let's first look at a small scene: when a person approaches a loving flower sea, if it is a girl, the loving flower sea will emit red lights and flash, it is a feeling of heart; if it is a boy, the love flower sea will appear half bright Half dark is sad. Here is the AI interactive LED lighting system using YD.
According to the technical director of R & D Lighting: This is a very hot attribute recognition technology and voice recognition technology independently developed by YD. Among them, face recognition technology recognizes the gender and age of a person, and then interacts with the light animation to realize the interaction between the person and the light. The voice interaction system uses artificial intelligence and cloud big data to calculate the voice and light of the interactor in real time. AI fun interaction.
AI technology, for ordinary people, is an elusive high-precision technology. It is a tall term that stays on TV and in the mouth of experts. Once combined with a medium like light, it becomes approachable. Ordinary people can see, say, and feel, and it has become a very intuitive thing. Therefore, lighting is one of the best carriers that can reflect high-precision technology. Light can essentially enhance the connection between people, people and things, and even the image and intimacy of the entire city. There is no doubt that lighting itself is only a physical phenomenon and medium. Only when it is combined with 5G, control systems, and artificial intelligence can it produce greater imagination and role. This is also the original intention of Yongdian to devote itself to the research and development of AI interactive LED lighting system.
AI interactive LED lighting system or iterative tourism format
Let us continue to look at the scene above: When the boy leads the beloved girl standing in front of the sea of ​​flowers and says "I love you", while the love flashes, the subtitle "I love you" appears on the screen immediately. What kind of surprise will it be? It will also become a beautiful memory of their love journey. This is the charm of the AI interactive lighting system.
What is tourism? Some people say they are watching, some people are saying that they are playing, and some people are saying that they are eating ... These are not the true essence of tourism. The highest state of tourism is to experience "stimulation" and "happiness". "Stimulation" refers not only to the experience of tourists physically, but also to the cultivation of ideology and cultural horizons. "Happiness" refers to the high concentration of physical and spiritual thoughts. The more exciting the happier. Therefore, in the new era, the innovative business models and marketing methods of tourist attractions or tourism enterprises need to make articles and ideas from “stimulation” and “happiness”.
Needless to say, lighting and AI are the best choices for immersive tourism. And the integration of lighting and AI overlays-Yongdian AI interactive LED lighting system will open up the imaginative space of immersive tourism and even iterate the business model and marketing methods of tourist attractions.
According to reports, YD's AI interactive lighting system supports intelligent dynamic semantic correction algorithms for deep learning. In other words, this system can also detect junk content mixed in the voice. Even worse, even if it is dialect, as long as you say it twice, it can quickly identify it, so it can be applied to the whole country and even the world.
At the same time, the gender and age of people can be quickly identified, and multiple people can be identified at the same time. Therefore, in addition to the application in tourist attractions and commercial complexes, this system can also be applied to the linkage of city-level civic squares and building facades to achieve national interaction and entertainment.
In fact, the core of the so-called immersive experience is to talk about people. The essence of the AI ​​interactive lighting system is to allow more people to participate and let people interact with the lights. More importantly, YD Lighting outlines a story about how the light changes the world: let the light move people, drive business, and drive tourism. Let light become a link between people, economy, and society to change and deactivate, so as to bring happiness and happiness to people.
The innovation of AI interactive LED lighting system
The imagination space and function produced by the encounter of lights and AI further stimulate people's pursuit and longing for a better life.
Let's take a look at the innovative technical points of Yongdian AI interactive LED lighting system:
1. Suitable for any landscape lighting product
2. Fusion of speech and face recognition technology
3. Use cloud big data and deep learning technology
4. Intelligent content review mechanism
In short, the YD Interactive AI LED lighting system is to realize the interaction and communication of lights and people through attributes and voice recognition technology, combined with cloud big data calculations.
YD Electric's AI interactive LED lighting system is the most convenient tool to achieve immersive experience, and it is also the most direct channel to achieve high-quality culture and tourism supply to increase people's sense of well-being and happiness. This time, YD Lighting once again led the industry's technological development, which is not only a response to the situation, but also a step ahead, to seize the market opportunities.
Songyan Xu , general manager of YD Lighting, said that light and water are not only a necessity of life, but also a sense of joy and happiness. Not forgetting the original intention, but always have.
Yongdian AI interactive LED lighting system may have many advantages on the current node, but if it is placed on the coordinate axis of the entire history, it may only be an origin, and everything has just begun.
Source: Aladdin Lighting Network