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The four major areas of the LED industry are on fire! Know the relevant policies & standards!

19.01.2020 20:54

Although the economic environment in this year has been sluggish in the past 2019, and the LED industry is also struggling, there are still opportunities in some areas or a period of growth explosion. What is quite interesting is that development has led to related policies and standards. In turn, they have played a role in promoting or regulating the development of the industry, and they have also sent positive signals.
This year, new screen areas such as Mini / Micro LED remain hot, and attention and investment have only increased. And the smart light pole, education lighting, landscape lighting and night economy are really on fire. According to observations, relevant policies or standards have been issued in these four major areas, and the Led exhibition will simply sort out this in order to better understand the development status and possible development trends of the related areas.
1.Mini/Micro LED
In recent years, new screens such as Mini / Micro LED have been under the spotlight. As a new blue ocean market, the new display field has attracted more manufacturers to join the layout since last year. This year, its strong growth has become more obvious, and the government has issued policies It also encourages the industry to develop confidence in this field.
In March, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the China Central Radio and Television Station issued the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)", which heralded the advent of the ultra HD video industry era. New display technologies such as pitch and Mini / Micro LED provide new opportunities for development.
In December, the "Measures for Supporting the Development of New-type Display Industries in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City" was issued for implementation. This measure mainly provides large-scale rewards for enterprises' production and development to promote high-generation OLED, AMOLED, Mini / Micro LED and other new screens. The industry was put into production and developed. Among them, in terms of commissioning, a one-time award of 800 million yuan was given to the company in the year of trial production. In terms of economic development, if the industrial output value reached more than 6 billion yuan for the first time in that year, a one-time reward of 600 million yuan was given. This move will attract more investment and layout, thereby promoting the popularity of related technologies.
With the help and support of policies, new screen projects such as Mini / Micro LED will continue to flow in the future.
According to the information disclosed by major manufacturers, more Mini LED backlight and screen products will be available next year, and mass production will be realized. Although there are still many technical bottlenecks in the field of Micro LED, news about relevant technological breakthroughs is endless. At the same time, the addition of more manufacturers will also accelerate their commercialization process.
2.5G commercial power smart light pole
On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television, and China began to build large-scale 5G base stations in many places. As the key infrastructure of 5G base stations, smart light poles have ushered in a wave of wave, and also provided development opportunities for smart street lights and smart light pole screens.
With the successive investments in various parts of China, standards for smart light poles have gradually been introduced. These standards mainly regulate the planning, design, construction, operation management, and maintenance of light poles. They also include requirements for lighting fixtures and systems.
On August 30, the first provincial smart light pole standard, the Guangdong Standard "Smart Light Pole Technical Specifications", was released and has been implemented since October 1.
On September 23, Shenzhen approved the release of the nation's first multi-functional smart rod local standard, the "Specifications for the Design and Engineering Construction of Multi-functional Smart Rod Systems", which has also been implemented since October 1.
On December 17, the "Guide to the Construction of Smart Lighting Poles in Urban Lighting in Jiangsu Province" was officially released for implementation.
Immediately after, Guizhou Province also approved and formally released the standard design drawings of smart light poles, which will be implemented from January 1, 2020.
Along with the release and implementation of official standards, various places have accelerated the pace to promote the smart light pole system. With the blessing of relevant standards, all construction work was carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.
3. Health lighting environment certification
In view of the rising myopia rate of students, on September 17, 2018, the Chinese government approved and issued GB / T 36876-2018 "Public Classroom Lighting Design and Installation Hygiene Requirements for Primary and Secondary Schools" and conducted a spot check on classroom lighting. In addition, the concept of healthy lighting is gradually becoming popular. Under these backgrounds, education lighting has become more and more important, and this year it is particularly prominent. Lighting manufacturers that were originally involved in this field have gradually increased their numbers, and some manufacturers have added education lighting business. At the same time, many places have begun to develop standards for LED classroom lighting specifications.
News in July showed that Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in issuing the "Technical Specifications for Lighting of Myopia Prevention and Control Classrooms in Wenzhou City" (draft), which provides more scientific and standardized guidance for classroom lighting reform. At the same time, it is planned to formulate "Consensus for LED Lighting Experts in Myopia Prevention and Control Classrooms" .
The news in November showed that relevant departments in Shanghai are revising new standards for classroom lighting, which are expected to be introduced this year. Anhui Province will also develop uniform classroom lighting manufacturing standards across the province.
It is worth noting that on December 10, Shanghai issued the nation's first classroom health lighting environment certification certificate, which caused a great response in the industry. To some extent, this means that the market concentration in the education field will continue to increase, and it will inevitably bring fierce market competition.
In the market, health lighting products related to education lighting have also appeared or gradually matured.
4.LED lighting night scene
Since the beginning of this year, landscape lighting and economic development at night have exploded intensively. Landscape lighting reconstruction projects have been successively carried out in various places to vigorously develop the night economy and improve urban lighting levels. Among them, some regions also worked out relevant plans and opinions.
Among them, Chengdu announced the special plan for landscape lighting in the central area of Chengdu (2017-2025) in June, and reviewed and approved the special plan in September. At the same time, the "Implementation Opinions on Developing the City's Night Economy to Promote Consumption and Upgrade" was also issued, aiming to showcase the distinctive night scene of Chengdu, stimulate the night economic development, and promote green environmental protection lighting.
On December 20, Hefei City reviewed and approved the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating Nighttime Economic Development", which intends to further promote the upgrading and upgrading of nighttime economic development, promote the prosperity of the nighttime consumer market, and build a "sleepless city" with Hefei characteristics.
At present, the landscape is brightened and the economy is booming at night, and many places are showing a busy scene, but with the emergence of the reality, blindly constructing landscape lighting facilities. For this reason, in early December, the Central Government issued the "Notice on the Remediation of" Achievement Projects "and" Face Projects "such as the" Enhancement of "Landscape Lighting Projects". “Face Project "issues are included in the theme education special rectification content.
In addition, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Emergency Management issued guidance on November 18 to further strengthen the fire safety of cultural relics. It is clear that lamps cannot be directly installed on cultural relics for "lighting projects" .
As the so-called rules and regulations are not perfect, the lighting of the landscape and the night economy need the help of policies, as well as the regulation of policies, in order to achieve sustainable and healthy development.
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