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Where will the LED lighting industry go in 2020?

17.01.2020 20:57

2020 is coming, we must have a real prediction. If you think deeply, it may be the beginning of your golden age, and vice versa. Friends from the investment community told led lighting expo: The secret of investing and not investing, just look at two: First, look at the direction? Second, look at people? Similarly, what is your direction in the new year?
1. Sino-US trade stage peace
On December 13, the Sino-US trade war eased in stages. When the news came, global stocks rose. China Lighting has been growing in double digits for many years. The tradeable war has reached a later stage, and lighting has also been added to the list, which has had a great impact on the industry. Will Trump still be so frustrating in the new year? I hope that there will be no more points in 2019, talk about it. There is always a rule to follow in everything, and we must have a relatively accurate estimate and maintain an optimistic attitude.
2. Smart LED lighting, start the first year

Led lighting expo has been talking about industrial upgrading. In fact, C2M brought by the industrial Internet has also begun. It is the most important thing to solve the pain points for customers. But I still don’t know how to start? In fact, Xin Nuofei and Osram have already set a precedent for us. They have already laid out areas such as Lifi, software, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Although the original owners of F and O no longer do lighting, the forward-looking weather vanes that can be made are still worth following. "Xiaomi" said that 2020 is the first year of the new era of intelligent 5G + Alot. If connected to lighting, it should be a new era of intelligent lighting. The first fascinating thing will start with smart homes. The threshold is not high. It is not difficult to get started, but it is simple and reliable, and it takes time. A better life requires better lighting, which is a consumption upgrade. It has a large amount of coverage, especially when Internet companies have intervened across borders, which will form a vent.
3. Landscape lighting, return to reality
The sense of gain and happiness created with light is the fastest and most direct, and it is very popular with the public. This is a smoke-free firework and a feast for the horizon! Remember the key phrase: "The necessary lighting can be done, but it must be based on reality." Where is the necessary lighting? For example, the Hangzhou Asian Games.
4.Economic night, boundless space
Cities make life better, and beautiful light adds beauty to the night, in fact, it is also a manifestation of wealth and strength. Increasing demand at night is creating a second GDP.
5. Cultural travel, cultural innovation, use light to create momentum
China has already made a great nation intelligently, and there are thousands of lighting designers. Why can't there be an "international-level" lighting festival or light show that has made the world famous? !! What's even more embarrassing is that we haven't yet had any awards such as lighting design with international influence. At present, there are many award units, most of which are karaoke-level self-entertainment. A so-called German "Red Dot Award" is something that has been sought after by many people in the industry.
6. Smart light poles
5G nationwide coverage in 2020, with only 126,000 base stations expected. Is the streetlight still called a streetlight? Not necessarily! Isn't Shanghai called the city club? This is a high-voltage sodium lamp. Because the pole is closed, the lamp is replaced with an LED. Originally thought that street lamps and light poles were lighting manufacturers "iron camps since ancient times", what about today? Not necessarily! According to today's statistics: there are 115 companies, which should be the main force. Especially in the temporary adjustment period of landscape lighting, the smart light pole is even more popular! According to Dr. Yang of Zhongzhicheng: The development of smart light poles is strong. It is simply unwise, no light pole, especially when 5G comes, there must be a place to add a hat, the top of the light pole is not ready-made. Then the city is upgraded, called a smart city. Can the light pole be renamed without upgrading? Even the garden light pole has to add the word wisdom. Because where are the new features added? Only a good place to go!
7. Automotive Lighting
According to investigations, automotive lighting will have a market demand of 38.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Due to the digital lighting capabilities, the use of LEDs in cars has almost reached "full allocation." Of course, high, large, and high are called car lighting, which has always been the home field of O Ji. One of their strategists told led lighting expo that its engineers, if they did not do automotive light design, seemed to have no value. Every year Fudan Lin Yandan's meeting, O remembers the most people. Car lights, divided into front and rear. The front-loading market is very difficult. It will take several years. Even if you go in, it will be multi-variety, small batch, and difficult to serve. Fortunately, new energy vehicles are up, not so particular about them, and they have brought some new opportunities. Aftermarket, it's "Various", it's the real value for money, the price dispute, and never had a bottom line. Recently, there is a "new favorite", the so-called white laser, which can reach 2 kilometers. If it can be made into a headlight, there will be no future. The key is the laser chip. Chinese manufacturers are still in hot pursuit. Who can break through and get rich! It is not enough to just package the device and add the module. Just like UV-A-B-C, "The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still have to work hard!"
8. LED screen vision, the battle for backlight
If the market for LED displays is getting bigger and bigger, then the market behind TV backlights is even broader. Due to the rise of new optoelectronic devices, Mini, Micro, QLED, OLED, etc. In fact, it sounds like a false string, but it is not so complicated. Mini and small micro-pitch display (popular), followed by lighting. Micro is just a big company playing and has nothing to do with lighting for a decade. QLED, TV is no longer the main focus. OLED, the focus is still on smart phones, in the lighting, make a small noise, at most in the car lights, others in the wearable or table lamp can be a small episode. The display screen is an option to illuminate people. The original display screen is used for lighting, and vice versa?
9. Health lighting, the ultimate pursuit
Wide range of health lighting. Small to chip development, medium to device packaging, large to cross-border applications, such as the addition of medical lighting is even more promising. Light is the most beautiful natural light; light is the most beautiful light. Light, the best fusion light; light, the best healthy light! Lutron, USA, has worked in the field of intelligent dimming for 60 years, and electric curtains (full house lighting) have been operating for 25 years. Its biggest motivation is to focus on "the fusion of natural light and artificial light."
10. Sports lighting with buds
There are not many that meet the lighting standards. Most of them are still in the light, especially in schools. Right now everyone is only concerned with classroom lights and blackboard lights. In addition, there are more than 300 original, new, and under construction stadiums. The classic and old names are Masco, and the well-known brands have not stood out. Who stands out? But wait and see.
Source: Aladdin Lighting Network