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What are the opportunities worth looking forward to in the LED display industry in 2020?

19.02.2020 10:12

At present, for many LED display companies, in the face of continuously upgrading consumer demand, changing economic and business environments, and elusive future trends, the importance of new business opportunities and new ways is self-evident, especially with As the more competitive situation opens in 2020, it is especially important to seize the opportunity that has passed away. So what are the new opportunities worth looking forward to in the LED display industry in 2020?

New technology blowout

The technological innovation of the LED display industry is gradually finding a new direction from the previous "no man's land pioneering"-ultra-high-definition display technologies such as Micro / Mini LED and COB, and green trends such as total energy saving and so on. Comprehensive optimization of industrial technology; At the same time, with the industrial transformation and upgrading, the industry's enthusiasm for technological innovation is unprecedentedly high, and technology is becoming the core driving force and backbone support for comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of LED display manufacturers.
In 2019, under the environment of continued decline in market demand, Lehman relied on technological innovations such as COB to counter the trend growth in the industry's decline channel, which happened to catch up with the east wind of this round of consumption upgrade. The most intuitive results brought by the new technologies and products to the industry are not satisfied with the upgrade and iteration of a single hardware product and rich functions. Instead, they are based on the implementation of a comprehensive solution in a display scenario, allowing users to obtain a better visual experience. This is also a new business opportunity.
In 2020, with the development of 5G and 8K applications, the popularity of LED smart display products is a natural thing under the new track of smart scene display applications. At the same time, the new technology is not only leveraging the new track, but also new models, so that more and more LED display manufacturers are not satisfied with selling products to make a difference, but to enhance and expand the scope of profit through services .

New group detonates

At present, the demand for personalization and trend of the terminal market is rapidly rising. The end customers of the LED display market are becoming younger and younger. Their "hobby" is more about the "circling and segmentation of demand", which also brings LED display The new challenges for screen manufacturers are also new opportunities for development.
Compared with the market kingship of "price win", end customers are more concerned about whether their needs can be met one by one and whether the service of the manufacturer can keep up with their actual needs. In this case, LED display manufacturers must re-examine the new consumer groups, because they will definitely become the protagonist of the market detonation in 2020, bringing surprises to the development of the company.

New application detonates

The current LED display has become an important way to show culture and personality in each scene of the city. In recent years, the outbreak of the night travel economy and the development of the cultural tourism industry have led to the expansion of the LED display market. With the continuous improvement and update of LED display technology, products, and solutions, its application innovation has also increased. Endless.
The brilliant performance of transparent screens in dancing beauty, the shocking effect of ultra-high-definition small-pitch in theaters, and innovative applications in commercial display and other fields, LED displays glow in more and more scenes. Facing the further detonation of the new application market in 2020, in addition to increasing investment in technology research and development and channel expansion, LED display companies should continue to dig deeper into various subdivisions such as public security, transportation, and commercial display to deepen differentiation. Development, thereby occupying a greater advantage in market competition.
There is no doubt that the market environment will be even more unpredictable in 2020. LED screen expo recommends that in addition to seizing opportunities to make efforts in internal product research and development, innovation and other links, it is also necessary to make efforts in various channels in contact with users to accelerate The diversified innovation and optimization of channel models drive the sustainable development of enterprises.
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