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8K + 5G! Mini LED will usher in an explosive period in the display industry

18.02.2020 09:35

In recent years, the LED display industry has accelerated its development. The display technology has continued to mature and accelerate its iteration. Especially the development of new display technologies such as Mini / Micro LED has created more imagination in the display field. The industry is bound to attract a new round of explosion. Bring a new round of visual feast and viewing experience to consumers.
Undoubtedly, Mini LED is one of the hottest keywords in the industry in 2019. From the release of new display products to the major exhibition exhibits, Mini LED can be seen everywhere and is highly respected. Major manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm for Mini LED, and have increased their layout to seize market opportunities. Terminal brand manufacturers also hope to use Mini LED to improve the overall quality of their products. There are reports that Apple High-end high-end products are gaining momentum, Mini LED will play a key technical role in Apple's mid-size display product innovation!
1. Mini LED has a bright future, becoming a development focus for various manufacturers
As the core device that provides display and backlight, Mini LED can not only realize curved display and ultra-thin applications, but also has obvious advantages in wide color gamut, HDR display, dynamic area adjustment, etc., and has a bright future.
According to the Led exhibition  knows, the next generation of Mini LED backlight technology will be the focus of development of various manufacturers. It is estimated that the mini LED market size will reach 1 billion US dollars by 2023. Among them, the display application growth rate is the fastest, and the compound growth rate from 2018 to 2023 is expected to exceed 50%.
2.8K + 5G brings new market opportunities and promotes the development of the display industry
In fact, the overall Mini LED output value may far exceed the expected value in the next few years, and this all stems from two keywords: 8K and 5G.
5G networks are characterized by high speed, low latency, and high reliability. They are the development direction of the new generation of information technology and an important foundation for the digital economy. 5G provides a high-speed path for 8K video real-time transmission, and 8K provides a carrier and display platform for huge data traffic for 5G ultra-high-speed bandwidth. 5G + 8K, complement each other, will become a powerful force to promote the development of the display industry.
3. Mini LED mass production benefits the industry and expands new application scenarios
2019 is considered the first year of mass production of Mini LED. The mass production of Mini LED has injected a dose of strength into the industry. On the one hand, mass production of Mini LEDs can consume a large number of LED chips. After the Mini LED is introduced into the LCD backlight, the number of direct partitions will be more and smaller than before, which can further improve the HDR performance of LCD displays. Compared to traditional direct-lit backlight LCD displays, Mini LED backlights will use a larger number of LED chips.
4.Mini LED helps LCD display, fully meet the needs of high-end consumer market
LCD display technology has been in existence for more than 20 years. As the "behind the scenes" of LCD (liquid crystal) displays, backlights have been updated in the continuous development of technology and markets. From the original CCFL backlight to SMD LED backlight, quantum dot backlight, and now Mini LED backlight. With the continuous development of backlight technology, the display effect of LCD is continuously improved, and consumers can experience higher quality display effects.
Compared with traditional LED backlight sources, Mini LED backlight, which is the latest LCD backlight technology, has more advantages, is suitable for high-end LCD display solutions, and can fully meet the needs of high-end consumer markets.
The advantages of Mini LED are mainly that the Mini LED backlight package uses flip-chip Mini LED chips to directly achieve uniform light mixing without the need for a secondary optical design. Due to its small chip structure, it is beneficial to make the number of dimming zones (Local Dimming Zones) even more. Fine, so as to achieve a higher dynamic range (HDR), to achieve a higher contrast effect; on the other hand, can also reduce the optical mixing distance (OD), in order to reduce the thickness of the whole machine to achieve the purpose of ultra-thinning.
In addition, the Mini LED backlight can be combined with the Local Dimming technology to control the corresponding backlight area switch and brightness adjustment in real time according to the bright and dark fields around the screen in the TV signal, so that the black in the picture is blacker, the white is whiter, the contrast is stronger, and more Rendering power.
Source: LEDinside