Language Service
Most of our exhibitors can speak fluent English and, are professional in fulfilling demands from international clients to accomplish their projects. However, if you feel more comfortable to have someone who can speak your tone to walk you through the exhibition floor, or to explore the city, please find our Language Service here.
Type Fee
English Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,000.00
Etiquette Personnel RMB/Person/Day ¥ 800.00
Korean & Japanese Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,100.00
German Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,500.00
French Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,500.00
Russian Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,500.00
Italian Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,800.00
Spanish Interpreter RMB/Person/Day ¥ 1,800.00
Please note:
1. The above quotation does not include catering and transportation fee. Formal wear is available for each etiquette and Interpreter.(white shirt & black pant). There is an extra charge for special clothing. A discount will be offered if is rented based on the exhibition period.
2. Except for special requirements of clients, the etiquette and escort interpretation services are calculated on the basis of 8 hours per day, 4 hours half of the day. Extra working hours will be charged according to the actual situation or the overall price will be increased by 10%-50%.
3. Special professional requirements and the price of minority language interpretation should be personally discussed.
4. Above quotation is only valid in Shenzhen Area. Quotation for out-of-town business should be discussed separately, the same with other special requirements. It's suggested that clients who require above services should make an appointment 3-5 days in advance.
If you have any questions or need to order your language service now, please contact:
Miss. Wen
M: +86-13676286836 (wechat)