Why Visit LED CHINA in Shenzhen?


To diversify your supplier source

LED CHINA · Shenzhen targets to build a supply chain with the most complete product sources. You will be able to find everything related with LED: LED display, LED screen, LED lighting, illuminant, LED chips and packaging, manufacturing equipment and testing device, and, most importantly with good quality.
Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February?
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To enjoy the value-added services of integrated application solutions

LED CHINA attracts lots of renowned enterprises of the LED industry, who, besides offering good quality LED products and after sales services, are able to provide bespoke integrated solutions to meet the needs of customers from different market segments. Such solutions are increasingly being applied to advertising media, security and surveillance, video conferencing, broadcasting, stage entertainment, retail and supermarket, landscape architecture, digital signage, smart city lighting and advertising illumination and so on.
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To get new ideas from the city full of innovation and vitality

Shenzhen is considered as the city of creation in China. Creative LED application can be found here and there around the corner. Visiting the city itself is like appreciating a piece of art. Get ready to be inspired.
Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February?

To enjoy the geographic advantages of Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the production hub of LED industry where you will find yourself dazzled with numerous manufacturers. But still, it is very convenient to meet them not only in the show but also to see their products and production procedures back in their factories, so that you can identify which ones suit you most.
Facilitated with class-leading international airport and high-speed railway network, even the first-time visitor will enjoy the business and leisure all together. Click Travel and view How to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong in just 14 mins.

To start your business early in the year

February is considered to be blessed with good luck and fortune for business in traditional Chinese culture, as it’s the first month of the Chinese lunar new year
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Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February?
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Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February? LED display application – stage entertainment Photo by: RGBLINK   Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February? LED display application – creative urban signage Photo by: SEEKWAY INNOVATIONS   Why Visit LED CHINA · Shenzhen in February? LED display application – security and surveillance Photo by: Absen